Documentation wiki released

I'm happy to announce the release of the GNU Backgammon Documentation Wiki. Please visit the Wiki here. [Read more]
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The documentation and user manual for GNU Backgammon is still a bit sparse. Hopefully things will improve. Meanwhile you can take a look at these links:
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Getting a Copy of the CVS Repository

This article show you how to get the source code fresh from the CVS repository. [Read more]
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Getting the source code of GNU Backgammon

There are two ways to get the source code:


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GNU/Linux packages

There are binary builds of GNU Backgammon for GNU/Linux available, both as RPM packages for SuSE and RedHat. Debian GNU/Linux packages will follow shortly.

All packages are signed by Achim Müller. You can find the PGP public key either here or at any keyserver.

The packages are built with 3d-support. They are also optimized for i686 computers with sse support:

Gnubg rpms for OpenSuSE-10.1
Gnubg rpms for RedHat Advanced Server 4

[Read more]
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GNU Backgammon for MacOS X

GNU Backgammon (or gnubg for short) is a Free Software Backgammon playing program, licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL).

GNU Backgammon for MacOS X is a full binary version of gnubg, built for MacOS X, and available for download from this website.

image of gnubg for osx with 3d boardThis picture illustrates two new features: 3D boards and international support (here, French) [Read more]
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Downloading and installing GNU Backgammon

You can get GNU Backgammon precompiled binaries for several systems. Thanks to our downstream maintainers - GNU Backgammon is available on a variety of the latest GNU/Linux based distributions including Debian, Arch, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Mageai, and Fedora. If you can't find packages for your distribution you can build from the sources available through CVS or a tarball. [Read more]
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Downloading and installing GNU Backgammon on MS-Windows

Downloading and installing GNU Backgammon on a computer with Microsoft Windows is fearly easy. This article will show you how to do this.

Update July 2006: This atricle of this install is a bit outdated. You should rather use Max Maini install files, found here. [Read more]
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Take a look at some of these screenshots!

gnubg_win Windows Screenshot with 3d board
[Read more]
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About GNU Backgammon

GNU Backgammon (gnubg) is for playing and analysing backgammon positions, games and matches. It's based on a neural network. In the past twelve months it has made enormous progress. It currently plays at about the level of a championship flight tournament player. Depending on its parameters and its luck in recent games, it rates from around 1900 to 2000 on FIBS, the First Internet Backgammon Server -- at its strongest, it ranks in the top 5 of over 6000 rated players there) and is gradually improving; it should be somewhat stronger than this when released. Since almost all of the CPU time required during supervised training is spent performing rollouts, and rollouts can easily be performed in parallel, it is hoped that users will be able to pool rollout results and collectively train it to a level stronger than any individual could obtain. [Read more]
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I have no doubt that GNU Backgammon 2-ply would show a positive result if given enough time vs. any human player in match play.
--Neil Kazaross


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