Take a look at some of these screenshots!

gnubg_win Windows Screenshot with 3d board

gnubg2-win Windows Screenshot with 3d board

Mac OSX shot Mac OSX Screenshot with 3d board

shot Linux screenshot with 3d board. (Fabio Spelta)

shot Linux screenshot with 3d board. (Fabio Spelta)

shot Linux screenshot with 3d board. (Fabio Spelta)

shot Linux screenshot with 3d board. (Fabio Spelta)

shot Linux (KDE) Screenshot. (Achim Müller)

shot Linux (KDE) Screenshot. (Achim Müller)

shot Linux (KDE) Screenshot. (Achim Müller)

shot Linux (KDE) Screenshot. (Achim Müller)

shot Linux (KDE) Screenshot. (Achim Müller)
posted at 23:09:48 on 10/05/04 by webadmin - Category: General
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Ausbilder Schmidt wrote:

Nice section!

Will the board posted above ( )
be included in the next version?
10/10/04 15:02:23

Carla Doumard wrote:

I too love that setting shown in the first screenshot and am not able to reproduce it as beautifully.

Is it possible to get it somehow ?
Thanks very much,
10/14/04 11:48:56

webadmin wrote:

The design is based on a color selection by Ian Curtis. Ian Curtis is a friend of mine who is also a graphic designer. I've therfore called this design "Curtis Cool", and all credit should go to him.

(Ian was also the one who redesigned this web site. Please tell us if you like it?)

I have exported the design for you and uploaded it to

Download the file and then go to Settings->Appearance.... At the General page you should first select 3D board. Then in the Designs page, you select the Import design button and find the file you just downloaded.

I will add this design to the main sources, so it becomes more available.

10/14/04 14:48:00

Teemu wrote:

Great! I just learned the BG rules and this game is awesome! Thank you!
10/16/04 17:31:40

dieter wrote:

Thank you!
I downloaded it immediately.

I am stillhoping that the bug wbhile importing boards will be gone in the next build..
10/17/04 22:00:48

Carla Doumard wrote:

Thank you very much for making the design available, and many thanks to Ian Curtis for the great work.

And YES I definitely like the new web site design. However, the right part doesn't seem very necessary and eats a big part of the screen, which makes the middle part small. Also not very easy to locate where you are. I'd suggest for example a highlight in the left part of the page that is currently visited.

Thanks again for the great work,
10/19/04 11:53:15

sbnz wrote:

Where abouts can I get the 3d boards from.. Like the ones in the screen shots above...
08/24/05 02:47:36

career2 wrote:

I'm new to the website and can't seem to progress from the home page to actually playing. Help!

Dennis Linsin
10/10/05 16:49:12

exegesiswbg wrote:

The Gnu's first birthday is Wednesday March 2nd 2006.
Gnubg hasn't been updated since Wednesday March 2nd 2005, and nobody seems to have taken it on since.
Let’s to work "developers".
02/07/06 05:05:59

sbnz wrote:

Hi All, can GUN Backgammon be networked (peer-to-peer networking...)

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02/28/06 22:29:53

Jonathan wrote:

Tutor Mode is a Torture Device
I'm disappointed with the new Version 0.16-mingw (build Mar 6 2007) because the developers don’t fixed the problem in gnubg TUTOR mode.
After the torture mode appoint one error, if you click hint to see the best move, when you try return to the game, gnu repeat the same evaluation, torturing efficiently you, and wasting precious time.

03/10/07 19:42:01

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I have no doubt that GNU Backgammon 2-ply would show a positive result if given enough time vs. any human player in match play.
--Neil Kazaross


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