GNU Backgammon
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GNU Backgammon (gnubg) spielt und analysiert Backgammon Spiele und Turniere.

It is driven by a command-line interface, and displays an ASCII rendition of a board on text-only terminals, but also allows the user to play games and manipulate positions with a GTK+ board window (png 117k) where available. It is extensible on platforms which support Guile and/or Python.

Features in GNU Backgammon

Fogende Features gibt es im aktuellen Release 0.14.2. (Achtung: Manche Feaetures sind experimentell oder im Entwicklungsstadium:

  • Ein Kommandozeilen Schnittstelle (with full command editing features if GNU readline is available), die einen
  • Support for either a GTK+ interface with a graphical board window, or a rough ASCII representation of a board on text terminals. For the GTK+ interface both 2D and 3D graphics are available.
  • Functions to generate legal moves and evaluate positions at varying search depths.
  • Neural net functions for giving cubeless evaluations of all other contact and race positions.
  • Support for both 1-sided and 2-sided bearoff databases: 1-sided bearoff database for 15 chequers on the first 6 points and optional 2-sided database kept in memory. Optional larger 1-sided and 2-sided databases stored on disk.
  • Automated rollouts of positions, with lookahead and race variance reduction where appropriate. Rollouts may also be extended.
  • Both TD(0) and supervised training of neural net weights.
  • Position databases for supervised training (if GNU dbm is available).
  • Loading and saving .sgf games and matches (.sgf files are in the Smart Game Format).
  • Exporting games and matches to HTML, LaTeX, .mat, PDF, PNG, PostScript and plain text formats.
  • Importing .bkg, .mat, .pos, .sgg, .tmg and FIBS “oldmoves” files.
  • Scripting ability (if GNU Guile or Python is available).
  • Automatic and manual annotation (analysis and commentary) of games and matches.
  • Record keeping of statistics of players in games and matches (both native inside GNU Backgammon and externally using relational databases and Python).
  • Native language support; 10 languages complete or in progress: (cs_CZ, da_DK, en_GB; en_US, fr_FR, de_DE, is_IS, it_IT, ja_JP, and tr_TR)

GPL Info

GNU Backgammon wurde unter der GNU General Public License (GPLGPLFSF website.

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