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Customising GNU Backgammon


You can change the appearence of GNU Backgammon. There is a lot of options to choose among and you can have the board look like nearly anything. This section will help you through some on the appearence customisation.

To change the look of the board, you should click Settings→Appearance. This will open a dialog box like this:

[embedded Image]

In this dialog box you see a preview picture of the board at the right side, and you have notebook with options to the left.

There are two different board rendering engines in GNU Backgammon. It’s a 2 dimensional rendering engine which is simple and fast, but still makes really good board images. The moves can be animated and the board is well surveyable.

The other board rendering type is a 3 dimesional board engine based on OpenGL. This board rendering engine makes astonishing fine board graphics, and animates the rolls and moves beautifully. You can even add textures to your boards and checkers. However, the 3D rendering type need a good modern graphic card which can take 3D hardware accelration.

The leftmost tab in the apperance settings notebook is the General option. You can here select beteen the 2D board or the 3D board. You can also choose between different other settings. Most of the settings here are self explanatory.


Don’t forget to save your settings!! A lovely and painstakingly crafted board setup can be lost if you don’t faithfully do your Settings→Save settings.

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