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Command reference

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accept Accept a cube or resignation
agree Agree to a resignation
analyse Run analysis
annotate Record notes about a game
beaver Synonym for `redouble’
calibrate Measure evaluation speed, for later time estimates
clear Clear information
copy Copy current position to clipboard
database Manipulate a database of positions
decline Decline a resignation
dicerolls Generate a list of rolls
double Offer a double
drop Decline an offered double
eq2mwc Convert normalised money equity to match winning chance
eval Display evaluation of a position
exit Leave GNU Backgammon
export Write data for use by other programs
external Make moves for an external controller
first Goto first move or game
help Describe commands
hint Give hints on cube action or best legal moves
history Display current history
invert invert match equity tables, etc.
import Import matches, games or positions from other programs
list Show a list of games or moves
load Read data from a file
move Make a backgammon move
mwc2eq Convert match winning chance to normalised money equity
new Start a new game, match or session
next Step ahead within the game
pass Synonym for `drop’
play Force the computer to move
previous Step backward within the game
quit Leave GNU Backgammon
redouble Accept the cube one level higher than it was offered
reject Reject a cube or resignation
record Keep statistics on player histories
relational Log matches to an external relational database
resign Offer to end the current game
roll Roll the dice
rollout Have gnubg perform rollouts of a position
save Write data to a file
set Modify program parameters
show View program parameters
swap Swap players
take Agree to an offered double
train Update gnubg’s weights from training data
xcopy doesnt do anything

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