Downloading and installing GNU Backgammon

You can get GNU Backgammon precompiled binaries for several systems. Thanks to our downstream maintainers - GNU Backgammon is available on a variety of the latest GNU/Linux based distributions including Debian, Arch, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Mageai, and Fedora. If you can't find packages for your distribution you can build from the sources available through CVS or a tarball.

MS Windows:

Apple Mac OS/X 10.5.x and later require the latest version of X11/Xquartz to already be installed to run properly. XQuartz can be downloaded from here. Please see the README1ST file inside the DMG for more installation information.


Older 0.14.3 releases for unsupported OS/X can be found here: 

Source code: 

Bug Reports

GNU Backgammon is continually being developed. If you find something wrong with the program or have a feature request report them to or in the bugtracker. Thanks.


posted at 19:20:05 on 10/08/04 by webadmin - Category: Download and install
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toka wrote:

great there any plan to make it available on pda? that would be really neat!!
05/03/06 20:08:31

davidjacquier wrote:

Hi, I can't get GNU backgammon to run on my windows 98 machine. I get the folowing error:
Pango-error:**.file../../../pango/pango/shape.c: line 75 (pango_shape): assertion failed: (glyphs->num_glyphs > 0)

I click OK and get a runtime error.
09/07/06 09:20:31

GeorgeB wrote:

seems 0 ply and 2 ply analisis vary more than before. awasome program.

10/19/06 05:46:04

Procion wrote:

Hello. I can't install GNU Backgammon on Windows 98 SE. I get the same "pango error" as Davidjacquier
01/31/07 21:11:01

TCwbys4SsBBW wrote:

The link to download for Mac OS X is still down and has not been fix yet? what in the world is going on?
02/14/07 03:00:40

TCwbys4SsBBW wrote:

Anyone got the USA english verse yet?... it show that it went to France not USA....
02/14/07 03:04:03

killerjoe wrote:

Ditto Davidjacquier above
Ditto Procion above

How do I (step-by-step) install an older version? Have seen the page at but????
02/20/07 20:48:02

AlexT wrote:

I am also unable to get it running on Win98SE, tried suggestion from bugtracking system (changing all fonts in appearance to true type) - without success, tried to get older version (0.14) - no windows binary linked here.
03/19/07 00:38:00

Jonathan wrote:

Tutor Mode is a Torture Device

I'm disappointed with the new Version 0.16-mingw (build Mar 6 2007) because the developers donít fixed the problem in gnubg TUTOR mode.

After the torture mode appoint one error, if you click hint to see the best move, when you try return to the game, gnu repeat the same evaluation, torturing efficiently you, and wasting precious time.

In spite of the developers are experienced and good programers, that foolishness had survived update after update.


03/28/07 04:58:55

birazbazen wrote:

Is there any application to play GNU on the internet.

May GNU create a database of the played games on my computer? I want GNU to improve itself through my recently played games.
04/28/07 00:18:19

nmergin wrote:

GNU BG is great, but i agree with birazbazen; i want to play with my friends on GNU. I want a "Play online with friends" section...
04/28/07 00:34:15

mikomikoo wrote:

I had the same problem (and I have 98SE) than Davidjacquier & AlexT, but problem solved!

I just run RegClean and installed the 14.3 version!
05/13/07 10:54:14

Rick wrote:

Thanks for all your efforts and a great program. Could you PLEASE make file navigation easier. 1) the way I analyze in snowie for instance, is to sort by date and the last game I played is on the top. With GNU I have to spend a lot of time just finding the file. 2) Make the program remember the directory for each file type extension. If .sff files are saved in program files/gamesgrid/savedgames, it doesn't make any sense to navigate to the directory every time and then try to find the file; program would just open in that directory for .sgg files, and then a quick date sort would make the last file jump to the top.
08/27/07 06:53:00

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I have no doubt that GNU Backgammon 2-ply would show a positive result if given enough time vs. any human player in match play.
--Neil Kazaross


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