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posted at 17:52:57 on 09/30/04 by webadmin - Category: General
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Jean Marc wrote:

Hi , i have two corrupted .dll when installing gnu backgammon for windows
1 : fretypt6.dll
2 : iconv.dll

So, I cannot install the game
Is there a way to repair this ?
12/06/04 10:42:52

Jean Marc wrote:

Hi again i finally got it by downloading again .
Thanks for the game
12/06/04 17:40:20

balrog wrote:

in what file does gnu save the players data base?
Is it possible to extract these data base and insert it into a new installation of gnu?

01/18/05 19:52:17

ElvisBurger wrote:


Is there a version of GNU Backgammon which can be used to perform game evaluations, error rates, equity, etc., via an established API, or via a standard-alone server?

Try to hunt for some documentation about the code, especially the evaluation engines, but to no avail.

03/07/06 17:00:48

bisusya wrote:

hi 'm a fun of gnu backgammon.but When want to play with grandmaster/computer usually win computer. want to change my settings to a unbreakable can do please..( try to change pillies vs.but didnt work..
05/09/06 18:31:03

mulligak wrote:

Hi. How difficult would it be to extend the functionality of gnubg to be able play No Hit BG. The rule set is only slightly modified, though I have no idea about the training overhead? Cheers
08/01/06 19:27:12

piedro wrote:


I used GnuBG for playing. THat is great. Thanks for your great work!

Now I want to analyse my games. I use the analyzer. Also great!

But: When I try to save the games to the database then I can only add the analysis to my player account. THat's great also. Bur when I add the match to the relational database, It seems to work, but I don#t get any message back. WHen I try to use "show records" of the relational database I get a "database Error"-window without any explanation.

Can anybody help me out or tell me where I find some documentation on the relational database feature?

I'm using the newest windows buil, but I tried the linux rpms on SuSE also.

I'd be glad for an answer,
thx, piedro
09/30/06 12:48:21

Jonathan wrote:

Tutor Mode is a Torture Device

I'm disappointed with the new Version 0.16-mingw (build Mar 6 2007) because the developers dont fixed the problem in gnubg TUTOR mode.

After the torture mode appoint one error, if you click hint to see the best move, when you try return to the game, gnu repeat the same evaluation, torturing efficiently you, and wasting precious time.

In spite of the developers are experienced and good programers, that foolishness had survived update after update.


03/28/07 05:01:08

philipmayII wrote:

great program. I'm running it on a MacBook Pro. Only downside is it takes a while to crunch the numbers when set to 2-ply ... but patience is a virtue, right?

Thanks so much for making it available to the new Intel macs.
06/18/07 00:56:59

rdwray wrote:

cannot close dialog boxes.
crashes when trying to export.
can't install updates.
08/28/07 17:08:42

rdwray wrote:

another one. have to use task manager to close program when quiting in the middle of a game.
08/28/07 17:30:30

rdwray wrote:

more bugs.
can't change random seed.
program takes forever to close and crashes about 50% of the time.
09/01/07 15:13:44

rdwray wrote:

I am now 100% sure that this game cheats. I have spent hours and played hundreds of games using internal number generation and manual number generation using Excel. I will only win 1 out of 20 games, or less, using the internal generator. When using the manual, I win 10 to 1. This is self explanatory.
09/13/07 22:01:59

Goreli wrote:

I've just installed it. No problems so far.

Had my first match with gnubg. This is a great tool! Definately going to help improving my bg skills.

Is it possible to use it for playing with other people remotely? If yes, how? Any published instructions?
09/15/07 01:20:19

stvs wrote:

hello the latests builds of gnu have a problem after calibrate speed the system is freezing after few secs os mins.
i run it as admin in vista.
but other applications dont have problem at full cpu load. also in 4 ply analysis
the system is core duo load 100%. why?
03/06/09 19:10:41

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I have no doubt that GNU Backgammon 2-ply would show a positive result if given enough time vs. any human player in match play.
--Neil Kazaross


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