GNU Backgammon Reaches 1.0 Milestone!

After 15 years GNU Backgammon has reached the 1.0 milestone and moved from a testing stage to official release. Thanks to Gary Wong and his vision to start this project, and everyone who has helped develop, maintain, and contribute through the years. Over time this product has seen its speed improve, and the neural network become stronger. 

To mark this milestone GNU Backgammon 1.02.000 (July 28th, 2013) packages are available for the Apple OS/X and MS Windows platforms below. Thanks to our downstream maintainers - GNU Backgammon 1.02 is also available on a variety of the latest GNU/Linux based distributions including Debian, Arch, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Mageai, and Fedora. If you can't find packages for your distribution you can build from the sources available here .

MS Windows:

Apple Mac OS/X 10.5.x (and later) require the latest version of X11/Xquartz to already be installed to run properly. XQuartz can be downloaded from here. Please see the README1ST file inside the DMG for more installation information.

For source code and other download information please see this link.
20:25:29 - 08/10/13 mdpetch -

I have no doubt that GNU Backgammon 2-ply would show a positive result if given enough time vs. any human player in match play.
--Neil Kazaross


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