GNU Backgammon wins the 2006 Computer Olympics !!

Hi all,

I'm back from Torino where GnuBG has just won the 2006 Computer Olympics Backgammon "tournament", defeating its only opponent, BGBlitz by Frank Berger. Final score is 3-1 (best of 5 matches, 15pts each), with individual scores of 3-15, 16-12, 15-8 and 17-13.

Analysed matches (supremo, g11 met) can be downloaded here (359Kb).

For the records, BGBlitz is truly strong: it has been rated by gnubg analysis in the 4 matches as 1997.4, 2004.5 2035.1 and 2025.4 (FIBS rating) and in the first two matches, Frank used by mistake the "old" engine (winning one of them anyway).
11:05:29 - 05/29/06 MaxMaini -

I have no doubt that GNU Backgammon 2-ply would show a positive result if given enough time vs. any human player in match play.
--Neil Kazaross


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