DLLs and other files for recent builds

(all self-extracting files, so you can right click, Save As... and Open if you like)


Python 2.2 DLL (needed for the no-gui builds since 030715)

python22.DLL (410KB, gnubg.py included but will not overwrite existing gnubg.py)

The complete set DLLs as of 030701 (needed for all builds 030701 and up)

libs030701Zip.exe (2.7 MB, weights 0.14 included)

The new ones for builds 021223 till 030627
(when you see them in your \gnubg directory, no need to download)

gdbm.dll (53 KB) or libgdbm-2.dll (53 KB, older builds)

iconv.dll (654 KB)

libintl-1.dll (58 KB)

libart_lgpl.dll (75 KB) NEW for builds 030523 till 030627

freetype2 (199 KB)

libpng (128 KB)

zlib (66 KB)

The 'old' ones
(they have to be already in your \gnubg directory)

libxml2 (318 KB)

libgdk-0 (238 KB)

libglib-2.0-0 (227 KB)

libgmodule-2.0-0 (47 KB)

libgtk-0 (639 KB)

Other Files

Package for 3D (boards.xml, textures.txt, \textures\*.*)

board3Dfiles.exe (345 KB) 3D builds (031018)

gnubg.gtkrc has changed (030101), so you need this one to reflect those changes:

gnubg.gtkrc (41 KB)  all builds (030101)

boards.xml has changed (031014) (included in Package for 3D)

boards.xml (42 KB) all builds (031014)

Weights has changed (030610, version 0.14)

gnubg.wd  0.14 (384 KB) for builds 030610 and later

gnubg.weights 0.14 (ZIPed ASCII file with gnubg.weights)

gnubg.wd  0.13b (384 KB) for builds 030105 up to 030609

gnubg.wd  0.12b (384 KB) for builds BEFORE 030105

Match equity tables 040102

met (59 KB) all builds (040102)

1-sided and 2-sided bear off databases (included in Oeystein's Setup.exe)

gnubg_os0.bd (925 KB) all builds (021224)

gnubg_ts0.db (5.8 MB) all builds (021224)

gnubg original sound files (updated 040316)

sounds (750 KB) all builds


I think that's all

Enjoy :-)