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This is not an 'official' GNU Backgammon page.

These are: GNU.org GNU Backgammon** and www.gnubg.org** (or www.gnubg.org**)
links with ** are external links

READ THIS: to play with GNU Backgammon 0.14.3 for Windows, go to  http://home.online.no/~oeysteij/ **
and download/run the Installation Archive (Setup.exe, about 7 Mb).
Řystein does a great job on this (tyvm)

And then: "Why these builds?"
GNU Backgammon (known as: "gnubg") is an ongoing project. Take a look at Changes and you'll get the picture.
Several times a month, there will be a 'new gnubg.exe' here, built from the CVS trunk, reflecting those changes.
Download and run the self extracting latest build  and you'll have the latest edition :-)
You want to compile your own gnubg build? Look here: How to compile-link a new build with Win32

latest build Other sounds HTML Images Language

GNU Backgammon Win32 build from CVS (Concurrent Versions System)

The builds here are compiled with GTK+ for Win32**, version 1.3

The self-extracting files are made with SFX Maker**. The extraction path = {your program files}\gnubg

1a. Updated or new files

Language Packages: Italian translations added 04 07 20

Restored: textures\*.* download Needed!

Language Packages: All updated 04 07 11

Match Equity Table G11 replaces G7 04 06 18
(included in the builds)

Prerelease 0.14.3 04 05 07

Build 'Old Layout' has been abandoned 04 03 04

1b. Hypergammon databases

Get your Hypergammon databases (thank you Jim!) here
(also a great link for OS and TS bearoff databases)

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2. Most recent build: 040906 (yymmdd)

a. 'old look with GTK: GUI (Graphical User Interface)
Isn't available anymore! (04 03 04)
Download the 3D build below

b. gnubg.exe build 040906, with 3D Board and Panels
with GTK:
(Graphical User Interface)

 0.14.3-dev   Build 040906   (808 KB) (ChangeLog 1.1645) 

Self-extracting zip file with gnubg.exe (and tcexamples.txt, boards.xml, textures.txt, met\*.*, scripts\*.*)

The extra files added to this build will overwrite those on your PC. Backup those files before extracting if needed!!
3D wants a modern graphics card.
The default is 2D, running on almost any PC

To use 3D Board you need   to install Řystein's Setup.exe first!!

You might need the latest textures download

Make a backup of your existing gnubg.exe. Look HERE 

c. gnubg-no-gui.exe build 040906
no GUI, without GTK:
CLI (Command Line Interface)
with readline since 03 07 05, with Python since 03 07 15

0.14.3-devel  no-gui Build 040906   (429 KB) (ChangeLog 1.1645)   

Self-extracting zip file with gnubg-no-gui.exe
(and tcexamples.txt, met\*.*, scripts\*.*)

The no-gui build supports Python
To use Python,  you need python22.dll  (410KB).

Make a backup of your existing gnubg-no-gui.exe. Look HERE 

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4. Remark.

Missing files on you PC? Look here.
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How to make a backup of your existing gnubg

Before extracting the new build with GUI into your gnubg installation directory,
rename the file gnubg.exe into something else (e.g. gnubg-backup.exe).
Rename gnubg-no-gui.exe before extracting the latest CLI build.

Example for the GUI build, gnubg.exe
(GNU Backgammon for Windows installed in C:\Program Files\gnubg)

  • Open My Computer and browse to the directory 'Program Files\gnubg' on your C-drive
  • Find the file gnubg.exe, right-click and 'rename' it to something else (for instance gnubg-backup.exe)

Or keep a copy of the files you downloaded here. One of the reasons yymmdd is added to those filenames :-)

This way, you can always return to the previous version of GNU Backgammon for Windows.

Remember: these builds are no final releases and can introduce bugs or cause your operation system to act strangely.  See Help / gnubg Warranty.
Save all your work before running a new build.

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Images for 'export to HTML'

gnubg HTML images:
Since build 021220, you can generate your own GNU HTML images of the board you are using.
(File / Export / HTML images...)

BBS images**, original ones (link to Backgammon by the Bay)
BBS images extended set
fibs2html images (zipped file with fibs2html images)
(please let me know when I violate copyrights publishing those images here)

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Language Packages

Builds 03 08 13 and up allow you to change the language used by gnubg

Available languages:
CS (v 1.12, 04 07 17) for Czech (155 KB)
DA (v 1.27, 04 07 17) for Danish (57 KB)
DE (v 1.54, 04 07 17)
for German (139 KB)
en_US (v 1.16, 04 07 17) for American English  (107 KB)
FR (v 1.16, 04 07 17) for French  (99 KB)
IS (v 1.10 04 07 17) for Icelandic  (59 KB)
IT (v 1.23, 04 07 20) for Italian  (112 KB)
JA (v 1.33, 04 07 17) for Japanese  (96 KB)
RU (v 1.8, 04 07 17) for Russian  (66 KB)
TR (v 1.13, 04 07 17) for Turkish  (68 KB)

If you want to translate or help translating gnubg in your own language, please contact

A Language Package contains one of the available languages and a Readme.txt file (shown after extraction).

Download and install a package, the same way you do with the builds.

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Any comments?

About these pages:

The builds here are Win32 builds of GNU Backgammon (gnubg), a backgammon player and analysis tool.
Please use this link to submit Bug Reports and Feature Requests

If you want to stay posted on what is happening,
you may want to subscribe to the mailing list:

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