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08 May

One down -- two to go

I had the first exam yesterday. "Algorithms and Complexity". It really feels good to have completed that exam. It wasn't as difficult as I expected. I expect a good result on that exam. Yesterday evening I 'celebrated' by going to the theater seeing "Cooking with Elvis", which was really good.

Today I starting reading for my two next exams. Distributed System and Pattern Recognition. First exam is May 21. That's Pattern Recognition.
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11 April

My weblog

This is the first item in my weblog. I've always been thinking that I actually do not need a blog, but I've now changed my mind. What will I write in my blog? I still don't know. Maybe some reports from backgammon tournaments, some from GNU Backgammon development, some otherthings. I guess this will be a boring blog that no one reads. Have fun.
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