Getting a Copy of the CVS Repository

This article show you how to get the source code fresh from the CVS repository.

CVS Newbies

If you've never used CVS, you should read some documentation about it; a useful URL is where you can find the Quick reference to CVS commands guide. Using CVS is not complex but you have to understand what is going on. The best way to start is to ask a friend to show you the way.

The basic information described further on this page is detailed in the savannah user doc.

What are CVS modules ?

The CVS repository of each project is divided into modules which you can download separately. The list of existing modules for this project can be obtained by looking at the root of the CVS repository; each File listed there is the name of a module, which can substitute the generic <modulename> used below in the examples of the co command of CVS. Note that . (dot) is always also a valid module name which stands for "all available modules" in a project. Most projects have a module with the same name of the project, where the main software development takes place.

Anonymous CVS Access

This project's CVS repository can be checked out through anonymous CVS over SSH with the following instruction set. The module you wish to check out must be specified as the modulename. When prompted for a password for anoncvs, simply press the Enter key.

The SSHv2 public key fingerprints for the machine hosting the cvs trees are:
RSA: 1024 80:5a:b0:0c:ec:93:66:29:49:7e:04:2b:fd:ba:2c:d5
DSA: 1024 4d:c8:dc:9a:99:96:ae:cc:ce:d3:2b:b0:a3:a4:95:a5

Software repository :

export CVS_RSH="ssh"
cvs -z3 co gnubg

When you update from within the module's directory (with cvs update) you do not need the -d option anymore.
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