GNU/Linux packages

There are binary builds of GNU Backgammon for GNU/Linux available, both as RPM packages for SuSE and RedHat. Debian GNU/Linux packages will follow shortly.

All packages are signed by Achim Müller. You can find the PGP public key either here or at any keyserver.

The packages are built with 3d-support. They are also optimized for i686 computers with sse support:

Gnubg rpms for OpenSuSE-10.1
Gnubg rpms for RedHat Advanced Server 4

Install instructions

There is no warranty on these packages. If your system crashes, your monitor explodes or your last dissertation goes to nirvana ... don't blame me.

I divided the packages into "gnubg" (needs OpenGL!), "gnubg-databases" and "gnubg-sounds". If you already have the databases and sounds you only need to update the main package.

The RedHat packages should also work on Redhat-9, Fedora Core 4 and Mandriva 2006.

When you have problems while installing, find errors or have suggestions, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

If you want to compile from source-rpm, do a

#: rpmbuild --rebuild [package]

The packages are all signed with my key. To verify them, do a

#: rpm --import [public key]
#: rpm --checksig [package]

If you don't trust my key at my homepage, you may also get my key from any keyserver. If you don't trust me at all, I can't help you.


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