Welcome to the GNU Backgammon web site

Welcome to the GNU Backgammon web site. This site will help you download and install GNU Backgammon, and give you tips on how to use GNU Backgammon to improve your game. GNU Backgammon is a world class backgammon application, and it works on many operating systems. It can play, analyse and teach backgammon. Its evaluation engine is based on artificial neural networks. Read more in the about section.

GNU Backgammon is free software and released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


GNU Backgammon Reaches 1.0 Milestone!

After 15 years GNU Backgammon has reached the 1.0 milestone and moved from a testing stage to official release. Thanks to Gary Wong and his vision to start this project, and everyone who has helped develop, maintain, and contribute through the years. Over time this product has seen its speed improve, and the neural network become stronger. 

To mark this milestone GNU Backgammon 1.02.000 (July 28th, 2013) packages are available for the Apple OS/X and MS Windows platforms below. Thanks to our downstream maintainers - GNU Backgammon 1.02 is also available on a variety of the latest GNU/Linux based distributions including Debian, Arch, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Mageai, and Fedora. If you can't find packages for your distribution you can build from the sources available here .

MS Windows:

Apple Mac OS/X 10.5.x (and later) require the latest version of X11/Xquartz to already be installed to run properly. XQuartz can be downloaded from here. Please see the README1ST file inside the DMG for more installation information.

For source code and other download information please see this link.
20:25:29 - 08/10/13 mdpetch -

Building gnubg from source on Ubuntu

Here are some simple instructions to build gnubg straight from source on linux.  The example is using Ubuntu 8.10, but the steps should be similar for any type of linux. [Read more]
12:48:33 - 09/19/08 SuperflyJon -

GNU Backgammon tutorial at GammonLife.com

Getting started with GNUBG, A guided tour. Zorba (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen) has written a good tutorial for GNU Backgammon at GammonLife. If you need an introduction to GNU Backgammon and how to analyse your games and matches, this introduction is great. Thanks Zorba.

Link to article here!
10:06:57 - 07/05/06 oystein -

GNU Backgammon wins the 2006 Computer Olympics !!

Hi all,

I'm back from Torino where GnuBG has just won the 2006 Computer Olympics Backgammon "tournament", defeating its only opponent, BGBlitz by Frank Berger. Final score is 3-1 (best of 5 matches, 15pts each), with individual scores of 3-15, 16-12, 15-8 and 17-13.

Analysed matches (supremo, g11 met) can be downloaded here (359Kb).

For the records, BGBlitz is truly strong: it has been rated by gnubg analysis in the 4 matches as 1997.4, 2004.5 2035.1 and 2025.4 (FIBS rating) and in the first two matches, Frank used by mistake the "old" engine (winning one of them anyway).
11:05:29 - 05/29/06 MaxMaini -

One-sided race database reaches the midpoint

A one-sided race database that extends to the 13-point is now available for download. The file is a large one 1.6 GB, and may take close to a day to download even on broadband.

Other bearoff and hypergammon databases can be downloaded from here.

General information about using bearoff databases can be found here, including instructions for rolling your own.

17:11:14 - 04/01/05 ianshaw -

Documentation wiki released

I'm happy to announce the release of the GNU Backgammon Documentation Wiki. Please visit the Wiki here. [Read more]
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The documentation and user manual for GNU Backgammon is still a bit sparse. Hopefully things will improve. Meanwhile you can take a look at these links:
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Getting a Copy of the CVS Repository

This article show you how to get the source code fresh from the CVS repository. [Read more]
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Getting the source code of GNU Backgammon

There are two ways to get the source code:


23:40:24 - 10/08/04 webadmin -

GNU/Linux packages

There are binary builds of GNU Backgammon for GNU/Linux available, both as RPM packages for SuSE and RedHat. Debian GNU/Linux packages will follow shortly.

All packages are signed by Achim Müller. You can find the PGP public key either here or at any keyserver.

The packages are built with 3d-support. They are also optimized for i686 computers with sse support:

Gnubg rpms for OpenSuSE-10.1
Gnubg rpms for RedHat Advanced Server 4

[Read more]
22:56:08 - 10/08/04 webadmin -

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I have no doubt that GNU Backgammon 2-ply would show a positive result if given enough time vs. any human player in match play.
--Neil Kazaross


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