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NO! You don’t mean that?

What about scandinavian characters? Let’s try: . Jrn Thyssen, ystein Johansen

Jss… Det var da voldsomt… :)



How about some cyrillic letters? Спасибо!

So that didn’t work!

Johan was here! Visit my sites: Programming tutorials Download DLL What's my IP Address?

Big Headline

This is a big section that I’m trying to add.

Subsection Headline

This is a subsection. Will this stuff show automatically in the T.O.C? Just testing… and yes, it does. I can now with confidence rock around in the real wiki :-)

Testing a link

Can I easily link to another section? Some words of scepticism

Can just anyone change the help files?

Some words of scepticism

If just anyone can edit the contents of Gnu’s help files… Well… yulp…

Yes, you might be sceptic, but the concept of a wiki has been proved to be quite effective. Take a look at wikipedia and wikibooks.

I can see when someone has contributed with anything and the IP. I can even block IPs. If I can’t control it, I will add login for editing.

Best regards from the webmaster,

----Italic Text---- [embedded Image]

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