Welcome to the GNU Backgammon web site

Welcome to the GNU Backgammon web site. This site will help you download and install GNU Backgammon, and give you tips on how to use GNU Backgammon to improve your game. GNU Backgammon is a world class backgammon application, and it works on many operating systems. It can play, analyse and teach backgammon. Its evaluation engine is based on artificial neural networks. Read more in the about section.

GNU Backgammon is free software and released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


IRC channel "#gnubg"

If you have questions, suggestions, are bored or want to discuss gnubg relate
d stuff, open your irc client, connect to irc.freenode.net and type "/join #gnubg". (ace@gnubg.org)
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i18n FAQ available

For those guys/girls who want to help us translate GNU Backgammon into their language we published a i18n FAQ. The translation will be available on at least Windows OS and Linux operating systems. We already are working on Danish, French, German, Icelandic/sh(?!), Japanese and Turkish. See the Documentation section for more infos. (ace@gnubg.org)
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New Rpms for Linux system

New rpms for linux systems are available now. They are based on the 0.14-engine, but don't provide 3d-support or the timecontrol. Take a look at the download section. (ace@gnubg.org)
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Welcome to the new GNU Backgammon web site

I'm glad to announce the new GNU Backgammon web site - www.gnubg.org.

The previous web page was just a temporary web page, but has been available for about 10 months now, so it is finally time to do something about it. This new site tries to collect all the loose ends of web resources about GNU Backgammon around the internet. It's also trying to attract the attention of GNU Backgammon users. Even though the web site is still incomplete, it will hopefully contain documentation and a user tip repository.

The web site is not complete functional yet, but will gradually be updated and maintained by the users and developers.
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This article is a small collection of link to external sites that's relevant to the GNU Backgammon project. [Read more]
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I have no doubt that GNU Backgammon 2-ply would show a positive result if given enough time vs. any human player in match play.
--Neil Kazaross


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